• United States

    Victor VICTOR

    • Date of Birth: 06 May 1996
    • Gender: M
    • Place of Birth: Ogden
    • Age Group: U23

Other Player Details

  • Team Name: Utah State University
  • Squad No: 0
  • National Team Appearances: 0
  • National Team Cups: 0
  • Position(s):
  • Nick Name:
  • Role Model Player:
  • Weight (Kg): 220
  • Height (cm): 6

I like to play all sports. I will never give up on the field and off. I have love when I play the game. I love to work with all the teammate and I love to work with the coaches. I wll always do what the coach tells me to do. I always do my best no matter what happens in the game whether we are losing or winning. I love to learn from other teammates and coaches. I'm willing to learn any postion. I'm willing to help my teammates if they need help. I will do my best at practices and learn all the plays. I also have a postive attitude no matter what situation we are in the game or pracitce. I'm willing to do my best to help the team to glory. I will always workout hard when were in the off season. I will be a good citizen in any country I play for. I will live by the laws. I will learn from my mistakes. I will play till time runs out on the field. I will do my best in practice and game. I will be nice, friendly, towards all my teammates and coaches. 

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