Sports Talent Hub (STH) is a platform which gives chance to mainly unexplored but talented sports individuals of all ages to showcase their talent to a global audience for FREE. There are so many individuals  of different age groups all over the world who possess different sports talent, but what is intriguing many of these talents are unexplored and some are just known locally i.e. by family, local schools, neighbourhoods, local teams, or just within a country. Unlike us other sports portals and media houses focus mainly on talented individuals who have already made it to the international scene.

Many talented sports persons have tried desperately to showcase their talent on social networking sites and video-sharing websites but these mainly focus on entertainment and social-life leaving out individuals with sports talent unattended to. Due to lack of options many sports persons have resorted to uploading videos and action photos on the above mentioned platforms, then after they desperately try to attract followers on assumption that one might turnout to be a sports scout.

Furthermore, a big number of sports persons have got their player CVs, action photos and action videos on their smart phones, tablets, computers, and video-cams but these are only visible to them. That said, many sports talent agents/scouts do not subscribe to social networking sites and video-sharing websites and those who do cannot have the time to go searching for individuals in a sea of more than a billion registered profiles which are not even categorized in accordance to sports nomenclature.

Therefore, the challenge faced by sports agents/scouts and the players is that, the former does not know where to start in finding new talented individuals who have never made it to national or international scene and the later does not how to find sports talent scouts.


Note: Creating a player CV is FREE and open to all age categories.

To circumvent the above mentioned challenges Sports Talent Hub has devised a mechanism to connect those with the sports talent to those who are looking for that talent. This is achieved by letting sports-persons create player CVs for FREE. The created CVs can now be easily searched basing on football nomenclature, shared with agents, scouts, clubs, and social media platforms.

To ease sports talent identification on our portal, we have made our portal easy to navigate when searching for talent i.e. you can filter by country, type of sport, position played, gender, age, or search by names of the player.


To be the leading platform in promoting and nurturing sports talent in the world.


To bridge the gap between sportspersons and sports scouts.